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Posted by Roddy MacLeod on June 12, 2007

The ticTOCs project is aiming to develop a freely available and sustainable service which will:

1. Enable academics and researchers, without having to understand the technical or procedural concepts involved in the process, to discover, subscribe to, search within, be alerted to, aggregate, personalise, export and re-use standardised table of contents (TOC) RSS feeds and their content for a large and growing number of journals, from any networked PC, at their convenience.

2. Facilitate the re-use of aggregated journal TOC content on a subject basis by gateways, subject-based resource discovery services, VREs, library services and others, where it can be exposed to a wider market, act as a showcase of the latest research output, and deliver relevant content to researchers.

3. Enable library and information services (for example, from journal lists), commercial and open access journal publishers, gateways, content aggregators and journal directories to allow their users to embed journal TOC RSS feeds of interest, with one click, into a freely available personalisable web-based interface which will perform as a current awareness environment.

4. Encourage the production of standardised journal TOC RSS feeds, and thereby facilitate their interoperability and improve the quality of their data.

The ticTOCs project has been funded for two years from April 2007 under the JISC Users & Innovations: Personalising Technologies (U&I) programme.   The U&I Programme represents a three-year, £4.75m investment in technology and practice development.

ticTOCs partners are:

University of Liverpool Library (lead institution)
Heriot Watt University(senior partner)
CrossRef (senior partner)
ProQuest (senior partner
RefWorks (senior partner)
Emerald (senior partner)
Cranfield University
Nature Publishing Group
Institute of Physics
Inderscience Publishers
SAGE Publishers
Directory of Open Access Journals
Open J-Gate

The ticTOCs Team is very much looking forwards to developing improved current awareness services for journal content, with the objective of benefiting not only researchers, academics, authors and end-users of journals, but also publishers of journals – commercial, non-commercial, traditionally published and open access.  The intention is to benefit both the demand side of the journals market, as well as the supply side.

If you’d like more information about the project, contact details are available from the ticTOCs website.

Roddy MacLeod
ticTOCs Management Support


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