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82 Open Access journal TOCs from Libertas Academica now included in to ticTOCs

Posted by Roddy MacLeod on January 9, 2009

Tables of contents (TOCs) from the following 82 Open Access peer reviewed journals from Libertas Academica have been added to ticTOCs, the Journal Tables of Contents Service.  Journals from 425 publishers are now included in ticTOCs.

Air, Soil & Water Research

Analytical Chemistry Insights

Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics Insights

Biochemistry Insights

Bioinformatics and Biology Insights

Biomarker Insights

Biomedical Informatics Insights

Bone and Tissue Regeneration Insights

Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research

Cancer Growth and Metastasis

Cancer Informatics

Cell Biology Insights

Cell Communication Insights

Clinical Medicine: Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disorders

Clinical Medicine: Blood Disorders

Clinical Medicine: Cardiology

Clinical Medicine: Case Reports

Clinical Medicine: Circulatory, Respiratory and Pulmonary Medicine

Clinical Medicine: Dermatology

Clinical Medicine: Ear, Nose and Throat

Clinical Medicine: Gastroenterology

Clinical Medicine: Geriatrics

Clinical Medicine: Oncology

Clinical Medicine: Pathology

Clinical Medicine: Pediatrics

Clinical Medicine: Psychiatry

Clinical Medicine: Reproductive Health

Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics

Clinical Medicine: Trauma and Intensive Medicine

Clinical Medicine: Urology

Clinical Medicine: Women’s Health

Drug Target Insights

Environmental Health Insights

Evolutionary Bioinformatics

Gastrointestinal Cancer Insights

Gene Expression to Genetical Genomics

Gene Regulation and Systems Biology

Genomics Insights

Health Services Insights

Healthy Aging and Clinical Care in the Elderly
Human Parasitic Diseases

Immunology and Immunogenetic Insights

Immunotherapy Insights

Infectious Diseases: Research and Treatment

Integrative Medicine Insights

International Journal of Cell Division

International Journal of Insect Science

International Journal of Pain

International Journal of Tryptophan Research

Journal of Brain Disease

Journal of Cell Death

Journal of Experimental Neuroscience

Lipid Insights

Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemias

Magnetic Resonance Insights

Medical Equipment Insights

Microbiology Insights

Musculoskeletal and Spinal Diseases

Nutrition and Metabolic Insights

Open Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery
Open Journal of Dentistry Insights

Open Journal of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Open Journal of Multidisciplinary Modelling

Open Journal of Pelvic Surgery

Ophthalmology and Eye Diseases

Organic Chemistry Insights

Palliative Care: Research and Treatment

Particle Physics Insights

Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry

Phenotype and Gene Expression

Primary Prevention Insights

Proteomics Insights

Rehabilitation Process and Outcome

Reproductive Biology Insights

Retrovirology: Research and Treatment

Signal Transduction Insights

Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment

Theoretical Biology Insights

Tobacco Use Insights

Translational Oncogenomics
Tumor Viruses

Virology: Research and Treatment

Roddy MacLeod
ticTOCs Management Support


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