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In-depth independent review of ticTOCs by Peter Jacso

Posted by Roddy MacLeod on April 2, 2009

In the April issue of the Péter’s Digital Reference Shelf section of Reference Reviews, Péter Jacso has written a detailed review of the ticTOCs service.  This is an in-depth review, which I invite you to read.  It looks at both the good points of the ticTOCS service, and some limitations.

The following is an extract:

“ticTOCS is a splendid, state of the art version of the traditional current awareness services from RSS feeds of the Table of Contents pages of more than 14,400 scholarly journals. It takes the pain out of learning about the content of the most recent and even upcoming issues of journals. It has some lacuna in journal coverage in spite of its wide scope, and a few software shortcomings. Even in its infancy, this service helps greatly in centralizing, personalizing and filtering the flood of information. It saves a lot of time, and offers a lot of gratification to researchers free.”

Roddy MacLeod


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