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Good press for ticTOCs

Posted by Roddy MacLeod on April 28, 2009

It’s always nice when the service you’ve been working on is mentioned in the press, and even better when the mention is favourable.

ResourceShelf, a highly respected daily newsletter, recently described ticTOCs as both ‘wonderful’ and ‘awesome’.

ticTOCs is also featured in the latest issue of Information World Review, and also in last week’s Blogspeak from Knowledgespeak. 

It’s also good to see that another library, this time the University Library at Jönköping University,  is integrating ticTOCs data with it’s catalogue. Wageningen Digital Library has previously done similar.

Elsewhere, FeedForward has been using ticTOCS data in jopml.

The News from ticTOCS blog was one of the WordPress Blogs of the Day on 24th April.

When it comes to marketing and promotion, I like balance, though, as I have previously mentioned in this blog.  ticTOCs still lacks a proper alerting capability, although last week I manually sent out a reminder recently to about 2,900 recent registrants.  It’s also not possible to search across all ticTOCs content, though at Heriot-Watt we’re working on this.

Roddy MacLeod
Heriot-Watt University


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